Quality & Food Safety Policy

The quality and safety of our food products is an utmost priority for ACEITES CONDADO-LOMA. Thus, and with the firm conviction that all of the products commercialized by the company meet all legal requirements, the Directors of ACEITES CONDADO-LOMA, with the support of its staff, works to maintain and improve operations based on the IFS Broker Protocol and the ISO 9001:2015 rule. The company establishes, declares, and firmly commits to the following principles:

  • Continuously improving operating procedures as related to the performance of our activities
  • Upholding "quality" as a pilar value of our company by all staff and partners
  • Being a customer-oriented company which puts the customers´ satisfaction at the forefront of operations, as well as supplying food products which meet all the quality, legal, regulatory, and normative requirements specified for our products
  • Committing to environmental sustainability and responsibility while limiting our environmental impact
  • Committing to behaving ethically, as both a company and as individual staff members, in our day to day operations
  • Committing to providing ongoing training to all staff members of ACEITES CONDADO-LOMA, in order to guarantee the use of the System of Quality in day to day operations
  • Working towards the objectives outlined in this document and its periodic revision and modification
  • Solely working with distributors of olive oil who meet the highest exigencies of food quality and safety



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